Spook-Trackular, a dedicated collection of rag-tag investigators research paranormal activity.

001 - Practical Jokes

Fun and games on the set of Spook-Trackular. Not everyone has a sense of humour though.

002 - Ghost Cows

Investigator Mark and Medium/Sensitive Paulette research some reported bovine paranormal activity in an old barn. Will they collect true evidence of Ghost Cows or will they find themselves in deep do-do?

003 - Orbs

Research into the controversy of ORBS

004 - The Reveal

What happens when you have to let a client know that you have not found anything?

005 - Coffee Talk

Just because you happen to be dead does not stop the need for a good gossip session.

006 - EVP

Why is it that sometimes Ghost Trackers watch only the audio program when looking at EVPs and not the footage of them when they were collecting them?

007 - Reviewing Evidence

Analysis of evidence to determine if it can be used can sometimes be tedious

008 - Psychic Camp

Kids with psychic abilities must be guided on how to use their powers.

009 - Summoning

Sometimes calling forth spirits of the netherworld would be better if a little research was done first. Just saying.

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