September 6, 2010
The new section should be up soon. Thank you to all that helped out. If anyone cares to they can subscribe to my YOUTUBE channel simply by searching FUZZWUZZLE.

June 1, 2010
Also the Karaoke Idol section will be coming down soon please watch for an all new section which should be up by this fall!!

June 1, 2010
Excellent conversation on OMEGLE.Com I just had

You're now chatting with a random stranger. Say hi!

You: bok?

Stranger: huh?

You: ah a live one

You: long story I'll have to tell you sometime

Stranger: wat u mean?

Stranger: ok

Stranger: haha

You: has to do with the last 20 minutes and a chicken psychic I spoke to

You: but she had to go eat pasta

You: without chicken

Stranger: im confused haha

You: it's ok

Stranger: where r u from

You: if; you understood you would have to have been the one I was talking to

You: I'm from canada, you?

You: eh

Stranger: texas

You: ah

Stranger: do u like it where u live?

You: yes health care is great

You: so you're from texas, does that mean you're mexican

Stranger: no there arent that many in my town

Stranger: its a bunch of hicks

You: everyone I've met from texas was from mexico

You: So it's rural where you live?

Stranger: in some parts theres a lot of people from mexico

Stranger: yea like the middle of no where

You: do you live on a farm?

You: wait, nowhere? I thought you said you were from texas?

Stranger: no but theres a lot of them near me

Stranger: haha

You: and you don't get the chicken joke?

Stranger: no :(

You: I'm seriously doubting your story

You: waaait a second AND your NOT mexican

Stranger: yea

You: AND you know how to turn on a computer?

You: where are you really from?

Stranger: hahaha ur just bein mean

You: no no

You: we hear that if your from texas then you MUST be mexican

Stranger: its not true

You: that's what fox news tell us when we pirate your tv

You: so do you all carry guns down there too?

Stranger: well i cant but a lot of ppl do

You: how many people did you personally shoot today?

You: you can't

You: no arms huh

Stranger: no

Stranger: im 13

You: not allowed to have arms until what age?

Stranger: u can hunt but u cant carry a gun exept to hunt

Stranger: i dont kno but i think 18

You: :(

Stranger: r u a boy or a girl?

You: you should hunt chickens in the neighbourhood

You: why, does it matter my gender?

Stranger: idk just wonder

You: k

You: I don't want you non mexican, nowhere-texan 13 year old armless people hitting on me

Stranger: lmfao

You: good then we're agreed...

Stranger: yea

You: soooo

You: whatcha doin/

Stranger: sittin in my room bein mad bored haha

Stranger: wat r u doin?

You: sitting in my living room looking at my many guns that you're not allowed to have

You: sorry didn't mean to rub it in, but they're soooo shiny

Stranger: hahaha ur funny

You: if you don't have arms how do you type?

You: are you psychic?

Stranger: hey i got that one

Stranger: no

Stranger: r u?

You: catching up goo

You: d

You: don't like putting d's on the same line

You: no not psychic....or am I

You: dun dun duuuun

Stranger: hahahaha

You: so 13 in texas in a hicktown

You: that sux dude

Stranger: ya it sucks

Stranger: haha u r psychic

You: maybe, but to find out for sure it $10.00 per minute

You: I KNOW you want the number

You: kidding

Stranger: and besides hating it here i am in trouble to haha

You: oh what for?

Stranger: no i dont want to call haha

Stranger: getting caught leaving school before school was over

You: doesn't have anything to do with the missing chickens in the neighbourhood does it?

Stranger: haha no

Stranger: so now im stuck in my room

You: see why did you leave early... I mean they have a bell to let you know when it's time to go

You: stuck in your room with the internet... poor thing

Stranger: i didnt want to go to my class

You: oh what class

Stranger: well im not grounded but u have to wait in here to get punished

Stranger: i*

You: were the other kids making fun of you because you have no arms?

Stranger: haha no

You: that's good that would be something you probably would be sensitive about

You: waiting for punishment.....

You: hmmmmmm.

Stranger: ya sucks for me haha

You: does your father own guns?

Stranger: yes

You: has he gotten his killing out of his system recently?

Stranger: i hope so

Stranger: lol

You: if not you better hide in the chicken coupe

You: since they're missing

You: bok

Stranger: wtf is bok?

You: why it's the sound a chicken makes

You: bok bok


Stranger: i get it now

You: so is this making you feel better about your impending doom?

Stranger: it is fun but im not scared anyway

You: oh

Stranger: im used to it

You: were your parents hippies?

Stranger: i dont kno i dont think so

You: do they refuse to share the flowers with you?

Stranger: they wont share anything with me

Stranger: i have to work around the house for everyting i wany

Stranger: want

You: well they share the work

You: what more can you ask for

You: that's building skills

Stranger: yay im so happy

Stranger: lol

You: **sarcasm detected**

You: I'm afraid that wasn't sincere

Stranger: yea. sorry

You: you better be

Stranger: lol

Stranger: i am

You: taking off early from school, being insincere with strangers

You: not being mexican in texas

Stranger: yea im a bamf

You: ??

You: define bamf?

Stranger: bad ass MF

Stranger: haha

You: ooooh

You: that means oh

Stranger: i wasnt sure

Stranger: lol

You: that's why I shared

You: see I shared with you

You: now clean my floors

Stranger: i know how to do that

You: you know how to clean MY floors? How do you know what type of floors I have

You: ??

You: answer me

Stranger: ok i dont kno but if u have floors like mine i know how

You: I kind of wonder what it would look like to see an armless kid wash floors

You: do you use your face?

Stranger: yo he is coming brb

You: k

Stranger: i am bak

You: bok

You: not bak

Stranger: haha

You: how did it go

You: are you now punished?

Stranger: yea

Stranger: i had worse

Stranger: haha

You: apparently this didn't involve a loss of internet privilege

Stranger: no

You: so what did you get

Stranger: i live in texas u can prolly guess haha

You: well damn? chicken duty? with all them missing chickens it won't be hard

Stranger: no haha wrong again

You: was it a spanking?

Stranger: i hate that word but yes

You: ah, well you'll get to spank your own little brats when you turn 18 and get your arms

Stranger: yay i cant wait lol

You: or do they start you off with training arms, little flimsy ones until you get the hang of it

You: so back to the floor cleaning... is it done with your face?

Stranger: no its done with a mop

You: oh

You: well that seems less funny

Stranger: yea for u haha

You: yes, but this is all for my entertainment isn't it?

Stranger: ummm well i think its funny to

Stranger: too

You: good

You: so you'll have something to stay in school for tomorrow and tell everyone

Stranger: bok

You: bok

Stranger: haha

You: you're awesome

Stranger: so r u :)

You: this has been very fun

You: I will have to include this "random chat on my website"

Stranger: yea u made my time seem not so bad

You: good good.

Stranger: now that i cant sit haha

You: i feel bad for you now

Stranger: its not that bad it just feels really hot haha

You: ??

You: THAT seems inappropriate

Stranger: yea i kno

Stranger: texas sucks

You: and spanks

You: so did you have supper yet?

Stranger: no. in an hour and 15 min we will

Stranger: did u?

You: yes

You: almost 2 hrs ago

Stranger: what did u have? chicken?

You: no pig

You: pork roast

Stranger: oink

You: that's not funny

Stranger: bok

You: it used to be my pet

You: bok

Stranger: u had a pet pig? ur from texas

You: but damn tasty

You: nope

You: canada

Stranger: lol

You: Nova Scotia, east coast

You: we're strange like that here

Stranger: haha its worse here im sure

You: probably

You: you're lucky if you don't get deported, not being mexican and all

You: that must be tough

Stranger: yea they should send me to mexico to learn how to be mexican

You: probably

You: but their kids have arms

You: they'd shoot you

Stranger: well maybe if i was in mexico i could have a gun too

You: you wouldn't be able to play with the pinata

Stranger: y not?

You: because without arms you can't swing the stick

You: bok

Stranger: hahahahahaha

Stranger: bok

You: silly 13 texas/nowhere person

Stranger: lol

You: so tell me something funny

You: and action

You: this isn't very exciting you know

You: or is the suspense before the story

Stranger: i dont kno wat to say

Stranger: wat r u asking me

You: see you were going to learn that in class this afternoon

You: now you'll never know

You: shame it was good too

Stranger: stop yelling at me lol i already got punished for it

You: not yelling, dismissively scolding


You: caps lock

Stranger: oh i see the difference now

You: good good, it's suttle I know

You: subtle

Stranger: ya haha

You: my grammar nazi is scolding me

You: she's in denial

Stranger: yay i hope u learned ur lesson haha

You: BIG denial

You: oh I did

You: i had worse

Stranger: huh?

You: my butt isn't sore and I'm still siting here with my arms intact

Stranger: oh i get it

You: aaaah

Stranger: haha

You: there you go

You: keep up, it's no fun if you fall behind

Stranger: my lesson is never get spanked in basketball shorts haha

You: I thought you got spanked in your room?

Stranger: that too lol

You: he spanked you twice?

Stranger: no 5 swats

You: I'm not sure but I think sharing a pair of basketball shots with a 13 year old is a type of abuse

You: maybe not in nowhere/texas, but in the rest of the world

Stranger: i didnt share them i was wearing them

You: oh i c,

You: that makes FAR more sense

Stranger: bok

You: if I knew a spanking was coming I think I would choose to change into something with a cast iron backside

Stranger: yea instead of leaving on wet shorts cuz i was swimming right before

You: you may get in crap for it but after the first swat he wouldn't have quite the "furvor" to continue

You: that might have been what tipped them off that you wern't at school you know

Stranger: no theu got tipped off cuz my school called and told my mom

Stranger: they

You: ah, well that's not much for detective work on their end now

You: sherlock holmes they ain't

Stranger: yea they didnt have to think about it at all

Stranger: haha

You: so what class did you skip

Stranger: english

Stranger: haha

You: hahahaha

You: you got spanked for english...hahahaha

You: silly mexican

Stranger: haha mexican kids get spanked a lot worse than i do

You: as they should, they need to be controlled what with all their unruley arms and all

Stranger: haha ya

Stranger: they get whipped with a belt

You: no no whipped would be with a whip

You: they get belted

Stranger: yea

Stranger: so i get paddled haha

You: seriously?

You: a paddle?

Stranger: yea

You: a paddle?

Stranger: a ping pong paddle

You: oh I was thinking canoe, sorry canadian

Stranger: no lol

Stranger: that would be bad

You: you can get a heck of a swing with one of those

Stranger: it would prolly knock me down

Stranger: brb

You: no

You: don't leave

You: sad

You: I so am going to post this conversation in the blog section of my website though, this is gold.

Stranger: haha

You: seriously dude, this is great stuff most people disconnect after 3 lines

Stranger: but u are fun to talk to

You: thanks

You: I appreciate that

Stranger: np

Stranger: bok

You: I'm actually just putting it up now, brb

August 05, 2007
5 all new singers for the site this week. Whoo Hoo! Get your clickin' on vote for your favorite. Coming up though will be the "draw Chris from" contest. So get your pencils and scanners going, entry details will be up soon. Also if you know anyone who goes to OTHER (like really) karaoke shows that may want to get involved in this they can send through a copy of their performance and a picture for cartooning. I will reserve the right to refuse any submission due to sound quality or due to content I personally feel should not be on the site. Pictures should be a clear headshot, but I will work with what I get.

June 24, 2007
It's rapidly approaching a full year since this sites launch, so to celebrate there are some updates coming.

Soon we will be launching a contest for all of you out there who are following Karaoke Idol every week. I never really cared much for my own cartoon that has shown up there and I will be soon posting the contest rules and submission guidelines for a contest to 'cartoon Chris for'. There will be prizes and such for the top entry, more details soon.

BUT other exciting news is also here, due to circumstances that were really beyond my control, I have a new recording system for Karaoke Idol. Yes, yes, the ever thrifty me now has a brand new shiny laptop that records BEAUTIFULLY on the system down at the Fox. So shortly we will be having a much improved quality on our Karaoke Idol recordings. It has been a point of contention with many (including myself really) so stay tuned.

BUT WAIT!!, there's even more news involving the Karaoke Idol portion of the site..... have you been wanting to know a little more about what goes on the recording side and the collection side of it? NO? Well you're not alone, join other Karaoke Idol contestants/followers on the new FACEBOOK group. It's open to anyone who wishes to join... and no Spago, just because you created a FACEBOOK group doesn't mean you'll get on the site more frequently....just kidding, bribery works wonders.

Outside of the venue though there is another thing that I'm involved in that means a great deal to me, the Knights of Columbus. This year I have been elected to be the new Grand Knight for our local council, so I thought, hey I have this media source at my discression and I have a little project/bet starting with the council, why not post it here and see if anything comes of it. The Knights have been supporting a project known as the Emily fund for some time now, it is a local organization dedicated to the suppying of insulin pumps for children who require them but come from families where they can not afford them. These little things cost about 6400.00 each, so I am putting forward a little proposal to our council, if our council can raise the money to buy ONE insulin pump by May 2008, I will let the council publicly shave my head at our closing dinner next June. So how does this little news tidbit affect you the reader? Well if you want to donate to the cause, you can do so by clicking the 'donations' button on the main page and tag your paypal donation as 'for the emily fund'.

Cheers and Salutations, keep watching there's more to come.

February 19, 2007
So it's time to say sorry to all of you out there wondering where the karaoke idol update is. I got caught up with weekend birthday things and forgot, so a day late, but here they are, thanks for your patience.

December 05, 2006
So the last week of Karaoke Idol hads had little bit of a downturn, but I'm sure that will change. To perk things up I'm announcing a contest. Originally only going to be listed through Live Journal, but I'm going to post it here. The deadline is ONE WEEK AWAY! Record yourself singing some form of Winter Holiday/seasonal song and send it to me at the email address on the contest page. Mark the subject line as Karaoke Idol Contest. Also submit your picture for cartooning with the submission. All entrants chosen for the contest will receive their original cartoon made for the site. And the Winner, which will be announced Christmas Day will not only have their full song posted, but will also receive a Karaoke Idol T-Shirt, a CD with up to 15 songs that have been posted to the site (winner's choice), a copy of my personal CD and possibly more. Get your submissions in soon, Deadline is Dec 12th by 11:59 pm EST.

November 24, 2006
So the Karaoke Idol is doing quite well. Though I'd like to see it bigger and better all the time. The participants are quite excited about this with many of them checking out the site every week. Keep looking as things keep changing. As for NEW NEWS, now has a Store The Store . You can find many different products with Karaoke Idol and Site Logos, check it out. Also special offer at the store due to popular demand is the "Emmett TRUCK Hat". Now you too can own a TRUCK hat just like Emmett's Take a peek for yourself.

November 8, 2006
Karaoke is up and running, get voting, because the winner will be announced Monday and new contestants added. Also thinking about adding a section called "This Creepy Old House" where I'll put pics of the house from Halloween, have a few years of pics that I can go through I think.

November 6, 2006
Karoke Idol should be up and running by tomorrow morning, stop in and take a look, listen and make your vote for this week's Idol winner. The Jim Morrison jack-o-lantern and the two from the house this year are now online as well for anyone interested.

November 4, 2006
Hello there, just put the finishing touches to the images for KARAOKE IDOL and cut down the week's sounds file so we have the first 5 KARAOKE IDOL contestants. Hopefully by the beginning of the week we'll have open voting for the first IDOL. Then tune in next week to see who the winner is and hear the FULL song. Also I should be adding a link to a short video capture from the Halloween Karaoke party where I won the costume contest, perhaps we'll just add a page link and make a page out of it. We'll see. Oh and more Jack-o-lanterns were recently added to the site and there are a few more to be added shortly, so if you liked them, keep checking.

October 26, 2006
I guess it's technically the 27th as it is 1am right now. Just got in from the Karaoke Halloween party, and soon there will be more pics on here, I won 1st in the costume contest. YEAH !!

October 24, 2006
The jack-o-Lanterns are up, things are busy lately so there isn't a lot happening on the site at the moment. I'm hoping that "early" costume pics will be on before halloween, so keep watching. Also this THURSDAY is the halloween KARAOKE, watch for pics and maybe video footage to be posted shortly afterwards.

October 21, 2006
I just got the pictures in from, they arn't posted yet on that site yet or this one, but soon the two Jack-o-lanterns that I carved for destruction last night will be arriving on the site here soon. Check back for them soon. Also trying to get some early costume pictures to add to the site as well. Things are really moving along here.

October 20, 2006
So I made a few changes to the plans for now, added recently was the "Jack-0-Lanterns" section. These are all ones that I have done over the last few years with more to be added before Halloween. I spent a great night out with my good friends over at We made things go smash. So enjoy, the Karaoke Idol section will be up in the next little while, still getting the bugs worked out on the recording end of things. The "Project Halloween" section was getting quite in depth witht eh work I wanted to put into it, unfortuneately I will also have a great deal to add to it following this Halloween, so I'm putting it on the backburner for the moment and plan to work on it as soon as I get a few other things done up.

July 30, 2006 is still under development and will open soon, really it will! Planning is in the works for a couple of new features including a links page which will be updated daily and KARAOKE IDOL, where you will get to vote for your favorite KARAOKE singers each week from one of our local bars here in Halifax, Nova Scotia. Check in frequently, it's on it's way. Oh and Project Halloween will also be a live link soon too....

July 27, 2006 is under development and will open soon!