Miniature Painting Tips

Hopefully pictures will be coming soon on this to help illustrate the tips. I hope that the things I have learned will help others out with their miniatures.
  1. Layering, this gives the piece depth
  2. By painting the darker colors first you can add dimension. The best example of this would be a hand, where your darker color which shows as shadow between the fingers is painted first then painting the lighter tone over top with a light stroke preventing the main color of the hand to actually go into the grooves of the fingers.
  3. Choose the colors before beginning the piece. If you are having problems with selecting colors, perhaps searching out period or similar pieces online. Look at the pools of shading and highlights as well as the main color of the item. A red will tend to have more crimson pools of shadow and light highlights.
  4. If you aren't getting the coverage you would like, keep in mind a couple of lighter layers will have a much better end result than a single heavier.
Keep in mind that these are meant to be fun to paint. If things are not working out for you, take a break from painting.